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Available Chickens


(Updated Feb 4, 2023 at 1:30 pm)

You can click on underlined links to go to online store to order and reserve your chicks and pullets.

Not all chickens on this inventory list are available to order via the online store particularly older pullets. Please come see us or  contact us directly to purchase chickens listed here if they are not available on the store.


Online store prices may differ from the on-site purchase prices listed here

***Indicates very, very  few of that breed remaining and may be offered at discounted prices


Baby Chicks


February New Hatch  Chicks will be available

starting Friday Feb 17 at 1 pm

*New Hatch Crested Breeds only will be available 

starting Friday Feb 10 at 1 pm

I would have never dreamed that  I would see the day when we were sold completely out of chicks and pullets.  However, due to an unprecedented chicken buying craze the last few weeks, we are essentially out of laying breed pullets and chicks until Friday February 17th.


We do have some frizzle and smooth Polkies from 1 week to  2 months of age.  I am unable to provide pictures at this time, but if you are interested please come and check them out.


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