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Our Services

  • One hour arrival window to pick up chicks or pullets that were ordere...

    Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

    Duration Varies

  • Book your delivery for the next Houston Area Delivery


    15 min

    25 US dollars
  • One on one time to view and select the chickens for your flock

    45 min

    25 US dollars
  • Lessons on what you need to know for your backyard chicken flock

    45 min

    35 US dollars
  • Mareks or Fowl Pox Vaccination for your chicks.

    1 hr

    25 US dollars
  • Chickens Delivered To Your Door

    2 hr

    From 50 US dollars
  • Fowl Pox Vaccination for pullets bought from SeaBreeze Chicken Yard be...

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