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SeaBreeze Hens is your premiere provider of happy, healthy, and hand raised laying hens, pullets, and chicks on our small poultry farm in San Leon, Texas (between Houston and Galveston).  We raise purebred hens and a few roosters that we hatch here and/or arrive at a day old. Our chickens and laying hens enjoy free range browsing as well as high protein feed, whole grains scattered for "scratching", and fresh fruits and vegetables.


Our goal at SeaBreeze Hens is to raise Premium Backyard Chickens for our customers with an unequaled variety of healthy, happy, and hardy chicks and started pullets. We want to make shopping for chickens easy by giving our customers the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of guaranteed chicks or pullets of similar age that have all been “started” in the same manner.  


Meet the Owner

Melinda Conner



Image by Tina Xinia

We have used Seabreeze hens to add to our flock twice now and could not be happier! The experience with Melinda is amazing and her knowledge has helped us so much with raising our chickens. They have been healthy and a great addition to our family. It’s totally worth our 1 and 1/2 hour drive from Magnolia. Thanks again!!

- Megan, Setmore Review

Image by Marjan Grabowski

Melinda was absolutely amazing. We made an appointment to get a chicken 101. We are first time chicken owners. When me and my children got there the was cutting up watermelon for my kids to feed the chickens. She made the so comfortable and excited. She walked me through all the breeds she had and showed me ones that met our needs. After we decided she let my kids pick their babies with their own individual boxes to bring them home. We had all our supplies set aside and ready for us. I couldn’t be more grateful for this place and the experience we had. I will 100% be returning if we add more and also be purchasing a coop from them as well!

-Madalyn, Setmore Review

Image by Matt Connor

We live over an hour away from SBH, so I’d been wanting to go for over a year before I finally decided to make the drive. Wow was it worth the wait! Melinda was kind, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. We’ve now had our new chicks for a couple of weeks, and they are doing great: healthy, lively, and curious. We have purchased chickens from multiple suppliers in the past, but we will ONLY be buying from Seabreeze Hens in the future.

- Ayme, Setmore Review

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