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Rhode Island Red Started Pullets


If you want a first-class laying hen with tons of personality – look no further! These gorgeous red/ brown hens brim with their own individual personalities and enthusiasm.


The Rhode Island Red is probably one of the most successful chicken breeds in the world!


The Rhode Island Red is very good at laying eggs – it is hard to surpass them in output and continuity.


The Rhode Island hen will usually start to lay around 18-20 weeks, although some will start as early as 16 weeks old.A good hen can lay 200-300 eggs each year, although other people put the egg-laying at a more modest 150-250 eggs.


Rhode Island Reds can be anything from docile to raucous and pushy!  They are known to be exuberant, curious, friendly, a bit pushy but very lovable. 


Rhode Island Reds are active foragers, scavenging for bugs and seeds, and are not averse to the occasional frog or mouse that happens to wander in their direction.


They will tolerate confinement but love nothing better than investigating the yard for any tasty morsels.


The hens are generally pretty laid back and docile enjoying the company of people and chickens alike


Rhode Island Red Pullets

PriceFrom $20.00
  • These chickens qualify for our  hen guarantee. If a chicken you purchase as a pullet (not a straight run) turns out to be a rooster, you can get the purchase price back as store credit. You have the option to keep or return the rooster. A rooster return is not required to get your store credit. You also have the option to receive a replacement pullet.  You may select a replacement that is the same age or younger from our pullets available for sale.  For shipping orders, the customer will pay the shipping costs to receive the replacement hen.

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