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Frizzle Calico Bantam Cochins - Straight Run Chciks


Guaranteed Frizzle chicks are not available as new hatch.  We do not know who will frizzle for sure until chicks are a week or so old.   If you order new hatch frizzle calico bantam cochin chicks, the possilitily of them being frizzle is 50/50 although we will try to pick frizzled chicks for you.  If you order 2 week old frizzle calico bantam cochins, you are guaranteed they will be frizzle.    


Here is some additional information if  chicks  are out of stock and  you are preordering chicks that are not yet hatched:


I will fulfull chick orders in the chronological order that they are placed and paid.   I will notify you by text that the chicks are available.  If you are not able to recieve the chicks within ten days of notification (or I am unable to make contact with you within 3 days of availablity),  you will be moved down the list to the next available batch.  


Full refunds for preorder chicks will not be issued after payment is made unless we are unable to provide chicks within 3 months of the order date. Chick orders are placed on a list in order that they were paid for. We will try to work with special dates if at all possible.  

Frizzle Calico Bantam Cochin Chicks

PriceFrom $25.00
  • These chicks are straight run which means a random mix of boys and girls as hatched.  However, we will try to pick females for you unless you ask otherwise

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