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Silver Sebright  Chicks - Straight Run


Sebrights are a British breed of bantam chicken. It is a true bantam – a miniature bird with no corresponding large version . They are among the most popular of bantam breeds. . As a largely ornamental chicken, they lay tiny, white eggs and are not kept for meat production.


Sebrights are much happier if they have at least one other Sebright in the flock.

Silver Sebright Chicks - Straight Run

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  • These chicks are straight run which means a random mix of boys and girls as hatched.

    We will certainly try to pick females for you unless you ask otherwise. Although we can make a best guess at gender, with straight run chicks/chickens ,there is no guarantee on gender.

    But of course, for any chicks purchased at SeaBreeze, we offer free rooster returns for any roosters that need help finding a new home. It is  disappointing to end up with a rooster or roosters when you need girls, but you can rest assured as you will always have a safe place at SeaBreeze Hens to bring your rooster for rehoming if needed.

    However, straight runs that turn out to be roosters do no qualify for store credit refunds.  

    Inventory numbers are based on the number of chicks that have "pullet potential". If you place an order and all remaining chicks appear to be "cockerel like", I will notify you so we can discuss alternatives.

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