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SeaBreeze Hens

Premium Backyard Chickens

SeaBreeze Hens

Your one-stop-yard for all chicken breeds.

SeaBreeze Hens is your premiere provider of happy, healthy, and hand raised laying hens, pullets, and chicks on our small poultry farm in San Leon, Texas (between Houston and Galveston).  I raise purebred hens and a few roosters that I hatch here and/or arrive at a day old. My chickens and laying hens enjoy free range browsing as well as high protein feed, whole grains scattered for "scratching", and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Barred Rock 

Buff Orpington

Rhode Island Red

White Leghorn

Black Australorp

Cinnamon Queen


Ameraucana/EE- $20each

Easter Egger- $20 each

Cream Legbar - $20 each

Prairie Bluebell Egger™ - $25 each

Starlight Green Egger ™ - $20each

Cuckoo Olive Egger - $20 each

Partridge Olive Eggers - $20 each

Black Olive Egger  - $25 each

Blue Olive Egger - $25 each

French Black Copper Marans - $25 each

Lavendar Marans - $35 each

Blue Marans - $20 each

Welsummer - $20 each

Salmon Favorelles - $25 each

Austrawhite - $20 each

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