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Buff Orpington Started Pullets


Buff Orpingtons are large, stately birds of quiet disposition.  They area a delightful chicken perfect for children or beginners. A favorite among backyard chicken keepers, these large dual-purpose breeds are excellent egg layers  of large brown eggs. Quick to mature, hardy, and friendly, they are easy to keep and fun to have around. These "Golden Beauties" are one of the most popular breeds of backyard chickens.

Buff Orpington Pullets

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  • These chickens qualify for our  hen guarantee. If a chicken you purchase as a pullet (not a straight run) turns out to be a rooster, you can get the purchase price back as store credit. You have the option to keep or return the rooster. A rooster return is not required to get your store credit. You also have the option to receive a replacement pullet.  You may select a replacement that is the same age or younger from our pullets available for sale.  For shipping orders, the customer will pay the shipping costs to receive the replacement hen.