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Welsummer  Started Pullets


Remember Cornelius (The Kellogg’s rooster)? He is a Welsummer rooster!


Welsummers  are intelligent birds, also calm, friendly, and docile. 


Despite the fact that they are sturdy birds, they are not overly pushy with other breeds.


They love to forage in the yard and are not great flyers, so they can be confined to an area with minimal fencing if desired.


They have a huge variation in egg production, anywhere from 160-250 eggs per year. 


They  drop or stop production over the winter months but pick right up again during the spring.  However, it’s not the quantity of their eggs that is impressive, but the visual quality.  The eggs are darker brown with dark speckles. 


They are not known to be broody and they are rotten mothers.


Welsummers have an overall partridge feather pattern.  While the pattern is partridge, it is quite beautiful.


Welsummer Pullets

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  • These chickens qualify for our  hen guarantee. If a chicken you purchase as a pullet (not a straight run) turns out to be a rooster, you can get the purchase pri