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Partridge Olive Egger  Started Pullets


The Patridge  Olive Egger is a beautiful patridge colored bird. This olive egger is a cross  between Legbars and Welsummers, with the  goal to create a green egg that is speckled similar to the Welsummers. Olive eggs are sure to be a great addition to your egg basket! This hybrid is a wonderful egg layer of  large olive eggs. Many will also have a   tuft on their heads!  


*This hybrid is not perfect, about 5% of the hens may lay brown eggs.

Partridge Olive Egger Pullets

PriceFrom $25.00
  • These chicks have been identified as pullets (95% accuracy) and qualify for hen guarantee.  

    If a chicken you purchase as a pullet (not a straight run) turns out to be a rooster, you will receive double the purchase price back as store credit. 

    You have the option to keep or return the rooster. A rooster return is not required to get your store credit.