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Purchasing a DNA test does not guarantee you will acquire  a female if you are purchasing a straight run chick.  It only identifies the gender of the bird that was purchased. 


You may purchase a  DNA test for any bird  that is sold on this site.

Pleae indicate which bird you would like to be tested on your order.  


We use IQ Bird Testing for our DNA tests.


Test results will be available with 7 to 10 days.


If you purchase the DNA test for a straight run chick and it is a cockerel,  you may return the cockerel (or leave him here if he is still residing at SeaBreeze) to us to rehome if you need to.  However, we are not responsible to provide a female chick in its place.


If you purchase the DNA test for a guaranteed pullet and it happens to be a cockerel, we will provide an alternative DNA tested female chick of the same breed in its place.

DNA Gender Test

  • We ship every Tuesday. If you order New Hatch chicks your chicks will not ship until the week they turn 2 weeks old. Due to the heat we are only shipping chicks and pullets that are 2 months or younger. 


    All chicks are vaccinated with 48 hours of hatching for Marek's Disease

    All chicks are vaccinated for coccidiosis at 4 to 7 days of age.

    All chicks are vaccinated for Fowl Pox with Pigeon Pox and Avian Encephalomyelitis at 6 weeks of age. If you purchase your chicks before they turn 6 weeks of age bring them back during one of our scheduled vaccination days or schedule an appointment.

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