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Cream Legbar  Started Pullets


These chickens are known for the elegant crest of feathers sprouting from the back of their head, and also for laying one of a kind beautiful pastel blue eggs


.Legbars are best described as curious, low maintenance, and independent foragers.


Cream Legbars have beautiful coloring. These chickens are an interesting mix of black and shades of gray and tan. 


Cream Legbars are a healthy and self-reliant breed that are known to be extra savvy in avoiding predators.

Cream Legbar Pullets

PriceFrom $25.00
  • These chicks have been identified as pullets (95% accuracy) and qualify for hen guarantee.  

    If a chicken you purchase as a pullet (not a straight run) turns out to be a rooster, you will receive double the purchase price back as store credit. 

    You have the option to keep or return the rooster. A rooster return is not required to get your store credit. 

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