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Calico Bantam Cochin Pullets


2 months and older  -  Pullets

Money back or replacement guarantee (excluding shipping)

95% accuracy - please purchase DNA test for 100% acccuracy 



Calico Bantam Cochin Pullets

PriceFrom $50.00

    All chicks are vaccinated with 48 hours of hatching for Marek's Disease

    All chicks are vaccinated for coccidiosis at 4 to 7 days of age.

    All chicks are vaccinated for Fowl Pox with Pigeon Pox and Avian Encephalomyelitis at 6 weeks of age. If you purchase your chicks before they turn 6 weeks of age bring them back during one of our scheduled vaccination days or schedule an appointment.

  • We ship every Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday.   If you order New Hatch chicks your chicks will not ship until the week they turn 2 weeks old.