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Khaki Campbell: Robust, active and very strong birds. Despite popular misconceptions of skittish or flighty behavior, the Khaki Campbells are a very gentle, passive and friendly breed when raised by hand until maturity.They have excellent laying and foraging ability. Ducks start laying eggs at their 5 to 7 months of age. And on average a duck lay about 300 eggs per year.


Cayuga: Black plumage with a beetle green sheen. The legs and beak are black. The Cayuga is considered easy-to-handle and very hardy. They adapt to cold weather. The do well as free-range. They are considered good egg layers, laying up to 100 - 150 eggs per year.


Magpie: The mosaic of black patches on the white plumage of these birds makes them look extremely beautiful. They are predominantly white with the black variety having black feather spread over the white on their body and a black cap on their heads. The female Magpies do not usually begin laying until they are 25-30 weeks old and lay up to 290 eggs a year. 


Crested Buff: Crested ducks are a medium sized type of waterfowl. Mature males weigh roughly a little over two to 7 pounds and mature females between two to six pounds, on average. Both male and female crested ducks look nearly identical. In some cases males have a just slightly more pronounced crest than females.The lifespan of a crested duck is approximately eight to 12 years when kept in sanitary living conditions.


Crested Blue Swedish: Crested Blue Swedish Ducks are a medium sized duck with a crest that is globular in form. They have blue plumage with a heart shaped white bib at the front of the breast

New Hatch Ducklings - Straight Run

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