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Gold Star Pullets


Gold Stars  are excellent brown egg layers and are utilized in everything from large egg operations to backyard flocks. You can expect almost 300 eggs a year for the first two years. That means you can expect about 6 beautiful large eggs every week.


Gold Star's friendly temperament makes them easy to tame. They have some of the most docile characters of any chicken breeds and don’t cause quarrels in the flock. They are an ideal breed for mixed flocks of all kinds.


These birds are hardy in all weather.

Gold Star Pullets

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  • These chicks have been identified as pullets (95% accuracy) and qualify for hen guarantee.  

    If a chicken you purchase as a pullet (not a straight run) turns out to be a rooster, you will receive double the purchase price back as store credit. 

    You have the option to keep or return the rooster. A rooster return is not required to get your store credit. 

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