SeaBreeze Hens- San Leon, Texas
Serving Houston and beyond with the highest quality laying hens

We will be open the following hours this week to serve you:

WEDNESDAY  JUNE 21.      8 AM to 12 PM
THURDAY.       JUNE 22.       CLOSED
FRIDAY.           JUNE 23.       8 to 11 AM.      1 to 5 PM
SATURDAY.     JUNE 24.       8 to 11 AM.      1 to 5 PM
SUNDAY.        JUNE 25         1 to 4 PM
MONDAY         JUNE 26.       CLOSED


You are welcome to just stop by during our open hours,
but if you give me a call first, you can be sure I will be there to help you
when you arrive. If you are unable to come during our open hours,
please give me a call. We may be able to arrange something at another

Please feel free to call, email, or text at times other than our listed open hours.
Especially on weekends, I am not usually able to answer calls or texts
during our open hours because I am helping other customers get their new chickens.